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Why you need to maintain your pasture..
Horses & Livestock
if you keep horses, it is important that you maintain your paddock & pasture lands properly as a well-kept green pasture is essential to their health and wellbeing.
Horses can also damage the environment, their hooves causing ruts, holes and furrows when the ground is wet, and their droppings can prevent the growth of healthy grasses and harbour parasites.
Land Use
Left unattended, your pasture will become choked with weeds, grass will grow unevenly and wild plants such as docks, thistles and nettles will stunt the growth of healthy grass.
Pasture Maintenance

Pasture Maintenance can help prevent this, and our services, ranging from soil analysis, ground maintenance and spraying through to "Poo Vacuuming" - the mechanised removal of droppings from the pasture - will ensure that your paddock or pasture remains healthy, valuable and a safe environment for your animals.

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equine pasture maintenance in action
using the poo vacuum
using the "poo vacuum"
using the poo vacuum
weeding & fertilizing machinery